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My journey as an inventor bringing my Fobbie gift wrapping product to market.

Get on TV with your Invention

Posted on | October 29, 2011 | No Comments

This looks like a dynamite opportunity for the right people so jump on it before it gets away!

Bray Entertainment, the people who did Pawn Stars, Bridal Boot, The Heir and others are looking for inventors for a new show. They specifically ask if you need help with a final prototype so they are not necessarily looking for finished product.

Don’t forget that if you are picked, this will be a Major Public Disclosure. Make sure you read and understand everything you sign. They do great shows and this could be the big break you’ve been looking for, so check out:

$5 Small Business Marketing Ideas

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Quite some time ago I came across a truly unique website, Fiverr’s tag line is “The place for people to share things they’re willing to do for $5″. At first glance I laughed at some of the things people would do. But after reading through all the topics covered, I realized how brilliant it would be for small business to use on a tight budget.

I decided to delve into the social marketing topic and see what was available, afterall what would I have to loose for $5. People list all the things they will do. You can read their bio and then read all the feedback people have had with using them. Just like ebay there is a gamut of positive and negative reviews. Since may people offer the same types of services, like sending out your post to all of their Facebook friends, you can go through and pick the person that looks like they will do the best job and follow through. Payments are done with Paypal and they aren’t paid until their service it delivered.

I decided I wanted to get more traffic to my YouTube Fobbie Gift Wrap Channel and started to search for the right person for the job. I found ” increase your Youtube channel view’s to 25,000″. I thought that sounded great and hired him. My count started at 62, and within 24 hours we were at 307 and counting for $5!

I wanted to try a variety of approaches, so the next one I tried was “mention your company, business and city on VegasTalkRadio with a positive message.” I thought that sounded good, so I came up with a script of what I wanted it to say and sent it off. Charlie Bass is the host and did a splendid recording for me. He collects his orders and then uses them on his show, on Thursdays. You can listen to the recording he did for me here.

I also bought “will interview you on my small business, finance, work life balance and self improvement blog and podcast for $5″. I haven’t heard anything from that person yet.

The variety of services is amazing. When you think about how much it would cost to hire a marketing company to do some of these services — and granted you get what you pay for in life — I think it’s a great alternative while you are building your business.

So check it out and if you find some good results please come back and share them.

Fobbie Gift Wrapping Debuts on QVC

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The Fobbie made it’s gift wrap debut on the QVC home shopping network this week. It was a part of their Christmas Shoppe show, which featured a variety of Christmas products. The show showed a variety of ways you can wrap with the Fobbie, including hard to wrap shaped items, traditional boxes, and baked goods were shown.

Watch a video of the show now.

You can also look at pictures of the items featured on the show by clicking here.

Useful Resource Videos for Inventors from the Wall Street Journal

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The Wall Street Journal has posted these great videos that offer resources for many of the topics inventors need to know. Watch and learn.

 How to Pitch to Venture Capitalists: Watch Video

 How to Form a Strategic Business Alliance: Watch Video

 How to Get a Product into Stores: Watch Video

 How to Start a Company with Little Funding: Watch Video

 How to Work with a Business Partner: Watch Video

 Three Minutes to a Million (pitching a business plan): Watch Video

The Facts about Invention Promotion Firms

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As the Vice-President of the Rocky Mountain Inventor’s Association here in Colorado, I am often asked about specific invention promotion companies. There are some good ones out there and then there are a lot that are only in it to take advantage of your enthusiasm.

I came across this information provided by the Federal Trade Commission that has a lot of good information. It includes your rights when dealing with invention promoters, what questions to ask about their track record, checking references, and tips before moving forward.

Here is the link to the information on the Federal Trade Commission’s website.

Also here is a link to published complaints against companies.’s Main Street Revolution – New opportunities for Entrepreneurs

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This is an excerpt from’s website:

The ‘Main Street Revolution’ is a partnership between and small and minority-owned business owners across the United States. This initiative creates a national marketing and distribution channel for producers of consumer products by providing the opportunity to sell their products on and (our B2B website). It is designed to increase the visibility of small and minority-owned businesses which currently lack exposure to national markets. By joining our network these small businesses can reduce their supply chain costs, and open their products to a mass audience. This represents a grand opportunity for producers and consumers nationwide to participate and contribute to the national recovery effort. Main Street can be the engine that lifts us out of the recession that Wall Street created.

I emailed them for more information and someone personally got back to me within a few hours with their guidelines. A friend is also going to try and submit. I’ll post how it all works out for either of us.

It seems like a great opportunity to sell products to a large audience.

Informative Blogs

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I thought I would use this post to list other blogs that have good information. I will continue to add to this list.
Written by Mark Suster is a 2x entrepreneur who is a general partner VX at GRP Partners. He focuses on early-stage technology companies. The website has articles about raising venture capital, startup advice, sales and marketing and more resources.

Great websites for promoting your invention or product

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Last year when I had my booth at the National Stationary Show, I had no idea how my presence there would change my life in so many ways. Besides winning the Best New Product Award and getting great press, I also had the privilege of meeting some great people. I made sales contacts that were good, but the best thing that happened was meeting other people who wanted to know how to get to where I was. My friend and I went to dinner with other women and brainstormed ideas and shared contacts. I sat with people in my booth and offered what knowledge I had. What has become of it is that a handful of us have kept in contact and share ideas, contacts and resources. Here are some of the ones we’ve found useful.

I had a lot of success this year with HARO. It stands for Help A Reporter Out. Three times a day you will get emails with listings of reporters, news outlets etc. looking for sources for their stories. I found many Holiday Guides this way and appeared in several because of it. I was even interviewed on

I haven’t used these sites yet because I just learned of them today, but be sure I will soon! They look like great avenues for inventors and their products.,, and

I hope you find them useful too. Please send me any that you have found and I will share them here.

The Fobbie to Appear on the Today Show

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Fobbie Gift Wrapping was chosen as a product to feature in a Holiday Gadget segment on the Today Show, on December 2, 2009. The segment will air with guest hosts Kathy Lee and Hoda.

Fobbie Holiday Wrap Pack for your Christmas Wrapping

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People are always asking me to include ribbon with my Fobbie product, so this year we have! The Holiday Wrap Pack comes with 24 Fobbies, 12 vintage, and 12 floral to/from designs plus, 3-30 foot rolls of ribbon. Check out to purchase.Holiday Wrap Pack

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