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Great websites for promoting your invention or product

Posted on | December 22, 2009 | No Comments

Last year when I had my booth at the National Stationary Show, I had no idea how my presence there would change my life in so many ways. Besides winning the Best New Product Award and getting great press, I also had the privilege of meeting some great people. I made sales contacts that were good, but the best thing that happened was meeting other people who wanted to know how to get to where I was. My friend and I went to dinner with other women and brainstormed ideas and shared contacts. I sat with people in my booth and offered what knowledge I had. What has become of it is that a handful of us have kept in contact and share ideas, contacts and resources. Here are some of the ones we’ve found useful.

I had a lot of success this year with HARO. It stands for Help A Reporter Out. Three times a day you will get emails with listings of reporters, news outlets etc. looking for sources for their stories. I found many Holiday Guides this way and appeared in several because of it. I was even interviewed on

I haven’t used these sites yet because I just learned of them today, but be sure I will soon! They look like great avenues for inventors and their products.,, and

I hope you find them useful too. Please send me any that you have found and I will share them here.


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