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$5 Small Business Marketing Ideas

Posted on | November 28, 2010 | No Comments

Quite some time ago I came across a truly unique website, Fiverr’s tag line is “The place for people to share things they’re willing to do for $5″. At first glance I laughed at some of the things people would do. But after reading through all the topics covered, I realized how brilliant it would be for small business to use on a tight budget.

I decided to delve into the social marketing topic and see what was available, afterall what would I have to loose for $5. People list all the things they will do. You can read their bio and then read all the feedback people have had with using them. Just like ebay there is a gamut of positive and negative reviews. Since may people offer the same types of services, like sending out your post to all of their Facebook friends, you can go through and pick the person that looks like they will do the best job and follow through. Payments are done with Paypal and they aren’t paid until their service it delivered.

I decided I wanted to get more traffic to my YouTube Fobbie Gift Wrap Channel and started to search for the right person for the job. I found ” increase your Youtube channel view’s to 25,000″. I thought that sounded great and hired him. My count started at 62, and within 24 hours we were at 307 and counting for $5!

I wanted to try a variety of approaches, so the next one I tried was “mention your company, business and city on VegasTalkRadio with a positive message.” I thought that sounded good, so I came up with a script of what I wanted it to say and sent it off. Charlie Bass is the host and did a splendid recording for me. He collects his orders and then uses them on his show, on Thursdays. You can listen to the recording he did for me here.

I also bought “will interview you on my small business, finance, work life balance and self improvement blog and podcast for $5″. I haven’t heard anything from that person yet.

The variety of services is amazing. When you think about how much it would cost to hire a marketing company to do some of these services — and granted you get what you pay for in life — I think it’s a great alternative while you are building your business.

So check it out and if you find some good results please come back and share them.


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