Inventor’s Journey

My journey as an inventor bringing my Fobbie gift wrapping product to market.

Get on TV with your Invention

This looks like a dynamite opportunity for the right people so jump on it before it gets away! Bray Entertainment, the people who did Pawn Stars, Bridal Boot, The Heir and others are looking for inventors for a new show. They specifically ask if you need help with a final prototype so they are not [...]

Fobbie Gift Wrapping Debuts on QVC

The Fobbie made it’s gift wrap debut on the QVC home shopping network this week. It was a part of their Christmas Shoppe show, which featured a variety of Christmas products. The show showed a variety of ways you can wrap with the Fobbie, including hard to wrap shaped items, traditional boxes, and baked goods [...]

Useful Resource Videos for Inventors from the Wall Street Journal

The Wall Street Journal has posted these great videos that offer resources for many of the topics inventors need to know. Watch and learn.  How to Pitch to Venture Capitalists: Watch Video  How to Form a Strategic Business Alliance: Watch Video  How to Get a Product into Stores: Watch Video  How [...]’s Main Street Revolution – New opportunities for Entrepreneurs

This is an excerpt from’s website: The ‘Main Street Revolution’ is a partnership between and small and minority-owned business owners across the United States. This initiative creates a national marketing and distribution channel for producers of consumer products by providing the opportunity to sell their products on and (our B2B website). [...]

Great websites for promoting your invention or product

Last year when I had my booth at the National Stationary Show, I had no idea how my presence there would change my life in so many ways. Besides winning the Best New Product Award and getting great press, I also had the privilege of meeting some great people. I made sales contacts that were [...]

The Fobbie to Appear on the Today Show

Fobbie Gift Wrapping was chosen as a product to feature in a Holiday Gadget segment on the Today Show, on December 2, 2009. The segment will air with guest hosts Kathy Lee and Hoda.

Fobbie Holiday Wrap Pack for your Christmas Wrapping

People are always asking me to include ribbon with my Fobbie product, so this year we have! The Holiday Wrap Pack comes with 24 Fobbies, 12 vintage, and 12 floral to/from designs plus, 3-30 foot rolls of ribbon. Check out to purchase.

The Importance of Trade Shows for Inventions and Products

One of the most important pieces of advice I got from my inventor mentor was to find out when and where the next trade show in my industry was, and go there. That same year I flew to New York to attend the National Stationary Show. I was overwhelmed with the hugeness of it all. [...]

Companies Looking for Inventions

I stumbled upon the “inventors phonebook” website today and it said “First huge list of companies, investors, product scouts, licensing agents, and manufacturers reps for you to submit your invention ideas to!”. I was skeptical but downloaded the free resource. Boy, was I pleasantly surprised. It’s over 400 pages of companies, their websites, contact information [...]

Fobbie Product Debut’s in 1000+ Michaels Craft Stores

The day has finally come when I could walk into my local Michaels Craft Store and buy a Fobbie! What a long process. It all started with Brenda my sales rep telling me that they had presented the product to Michaels and they were interested in purchasing. They requested a redesign of the packaging and [...]

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