Inventor’s Journey

My journey as an inventor bringing my Fobbie gift wrapping product to market.

Get on TV with your Invention

This looks like a dynamite opportunity for the right people so jump on it before it gets away! Bray Entertainment, the people who did Pawn Stars, Bridal Boot, The Heir and others are looking for inventors for a new show. They specifically ask if you need help with a final prototype so they are not [...]

The Facts about Invention Promotion Firms

As the Vice-President of the Rocky Mountain Inventor’s Association here in Colorado, I am often asked about specific invention promotion companies. There are some good ones out there and then there are a lot that are only in it to take advantage of your enthusiasm. I came across this information provided by the Federal Trade [...]

Informative Blogs

I thought I would use this post to list other blogs that have good information. I will continue to add to this list. Written by Mark Suster is a 2x entrepreneur who is a general partner VX at GRP Partners. He focuses on early-stage technology companies. The website has articles about raising venture capital, [...]

Toy and Game Inventor Event Conference

On November 19th and 20th at Navy Pier in Chicago, you can meet, mingle and learn from the industry’s top executives in manufacturing (Hasbro and others), retail (ToysRUs and others), marketing (Richard Gill and others), consultants (Richard Gottlieb and others) and media (Playthings and others) from here and abroad. Last year licensing and retail deals [...]

Companies Looking for Inventions

I stumbled upon the “inventors phonebook” website today and it said “First huge list of companies, investors, product scouts, licensing agents, and manufacturers reps for you to submit your invention ideas to!”. I was skeptical but downloaded the free resource. Boy, was I pleasantly surprised. It’s over 400 pages of companies, their websites, contact information [...]

Rules of Evidence for Inventor Notebook

I saw this information in the Inventor’s Society of Florida’s newsletter. It’s valuable for new inventors to know. So I thought I’d post it. Eric Waltmire published The Preservation Three Step: What Every Lawyer Should Know to Protect a Client’s Potentially Patentable Assets in the DuPage County Bar Association’s October 2008 edition of its legal [...]

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