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My journey as an inventor bringing my Fobbie gift wrapping product to market.



BestSweet, a top confectionary manufacturer, is turning to you for creative, new ideas for products to add to one of their deliciously notable candy brands.

BestSweet is now turning to our Edison Nation members to this leading ice cream brand’s next hit candy item that will appeal to the lucrative ‘tween consumer (ages 8-13). For this Live Product Search, BestSweet wants you to think outside the box of established candy varieties, such as Junior Mints® or Milk Duds®. BestSweet is looking for your product concept ideas in sweet new flavors and in any shape or size. Whether its minis or bite-size squares, consider the whole package concept and your buyer. What new candy would grab the hard-to-catch attention of ‘tweens?

For this Live Product Search, your product concepts must:

Retail in stores for $2.00
Appeal to the ‘tween consumer
Fit within a leading ice cream manufacturer’s line of branded candy
Be unique and patentable

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O-Cedar® seeks the next big floor care product. Your invention could be sold through major retailers nationwide!

Do you have a great idea for the next big floor care product? Edison Nation is seeking new product ideas or patents to acquire and sell through household cleaning product giant O-Cedar.

For this search, your innovative floor care product concepts must:

Be patentable
Appeal to O-Cedar’s primary consumers (women age 25-54, especially young mothers and pet owners)
Provide a low-to-mid-range priced solution which makes consumers’ lives better
Appeal to the end user’s desire for time-saving convenience and effectiveness to get the job done.
Offer alternatives to competing brands’ current product solutions
Be intended for home use (not commercial)

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Amazon seeks home innovations that save time, money or energy. Your invention could be sold through the World’s Largest Online Store!

Amazon Green has partnered with Edison Nation to find innovative home products that save time, money or energy.

Keep in mind the range of product categories available on Amazon Green:

Landscaping equipment to power without air pollution
Lighting and electrical solutions to save energy and energy bills
Plumbing fixtures and toilets to save water
Indoor and outdoor furniture utilizing bamboo fibers and sustainable materials
Green storage and organization solutions
Eco-friendly home and garden appliance

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Do you have a great dorm room product idea? Your invention could be sold in Bed Bath & Beyond®

Edison Nation is seeking new product ideas to acquire that could be sold in Bed Bath & Beyond stores!

Going away to college or university means squeezing your whole world into a room the size of a closet. Bed Bath & Beyond has teamed up with Edison Nation to host the “Students of Invention” Search to find solution based product ideas that will help students conquer the challenges of dorm room living: space, organization, storage, cleaning, lighting, comfort and decorating.

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We are seeking innovative school, office and organizational supply products.

Carolina Pad, a leading supplier of fashion school, office and organizational products, is one of the fastest-growing stationery companies in the world. Its school, office, and arts and crafts products can be found at mass merchant, office supply, grocery, and drug stores, including leading nationwide retailers such as Wal-Mart, Target, Kmart, Meijer, Fred Meyer, CVS, Rite Aid, Walgreens, Office Max, Staples, Kroger, Food Lion and more..

To further its mission of providing extraordinary fashion and innovation through its everyday products, Carolina Pad is currently looking for the next top innovative school, office and organizational supplies.

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PetSmart, the largest specialty retailer of services and solutions for the lifetime needs of pets, has partnered with Edison Nation to find interactive toys and products that help keep house pets of all shapes and sizes entertained. We want to see products that improve the lives of pets and pet parents. For this Live Product Search, identify a problem you are experiencing that is likely shared by many pet owners, and provide a solution. The product may be geared toward dogs, cats, birds, fish or small animals like geckos, hamsters or ferrets. The solution must have features that benefit both the lives of the pet and the pet parent, and safety is always a must! Click hear to learn more about the PetSmart search.
Your submission must:
* Be green = eco-friendly
* Provide the consumer exceptional value and functionality
* Be easily merchandised
* Have an innovative sustainability/green element
The standard Edison Nation submission fee is $25. Thanks to a generous grant from Yahoo!, each idea submitted to Edison Nation costs just $10 to submit. There is no limit to the number of submissions you can make. The best ideas and products will be presented to Edison Nation’s portfolio of the nation’s leading retailers and manufacturers. These retailers and manufacturers will ultimately be selecting which submissions to take to market. This is unique to all previous Live Product Searches, which are traditionally sponsored by a single retailer or manufacturer. More retailers and manufacturers will mean your idea will have even more opportunities for success. Read more about the Yahoo! Make it Green search.
The As Seen On TV Live Product Search is back by popular demand! We have a lot of new members who missed the first As Seen On TV search, so we’ve put together a sequel.
Edison Nation has partnered with some of the most successful names in Direct Response (As Seen On TV) Television (DRTV) – the same folks and producers who brought you Debbie Meyer Green Bags, Buxton Over the Shoulder Organizer, Topsy Turvy Tomato Planter, Bendaroos, Snuggie, Billy Mays’ Big City Slider Station, Auto Cool, Craft Lite Cutter, Floam, Smart Spin, Leg Magic, Pasta Pro, Grip ‘n Flip, Awesome Auger, Genie Instant Line Smoother, Mighty Putty, Cold Heat Soldering Tool, Gator Grip, and many more. Now they are turning to you to find the next great DRTV product.
The best of your submissions will be presented to these partners for their possible selection as DRTV products in 2009 and beyond, click here to submit your idea.

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