Inventor’s Journey

My journey as an inventor bringing my Fobbie gift wrapping product to market.

Informative Articles & Information

These articles were written for Inventors Digest and are reprinted here with the hope that you’ll find them interesting and informative.

Are You a Real Inventor?
How to Prepare and Show Your New Product Idea Like the Pros Do.

Marketing Your Invention – The Chicken or the Egg?
What to do First — Next — and Next After That.

Marketing Your Invention – The Heimlich Maneuver
The 4 Big Reasons Why No Company Would Dare to Steal Your Idea.

Inventing for Success: The Neustel-Zimmer Approach
Guest Experts Offer Advice About Patents and Licensing.

Will it Sell?
The Dirty Little Secret About Product Marketability.

Invention Licensing help – Dealing With Idiots
Knowing Who to Meet With and How to Know if You’re Wasting Your Time.

Your Licensing Agreement’s 10 Non-Negotiable Demands
What to Ask For, and Why You Shouldn’t Take No For an Answer.

Don’t Take Honest Advice as a Personal Insult
Knowing When Your Love Affair With Your Product Idea Should be Over.

10 Make-or-Break Points in Your Licensing Agreement
Where to Expect Licensee Arguments and How to Address Them.

Are You Inventing For Fun or Profit?
How What You Do Makes You Either a Dabbler or a Professional.

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